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Crazy but true stories of careless tree services

We've heard about other people who profess to be professional...
You decide. 

These are unbelievable but TRUE.

There is a tree service in West Chester that NAILS their signs to a tree.

We have some links to videos (not for the faint-hearted)at the bottom of this page.

Here's the latest. A "fly-by-night" out the daylight!
Driving on the Route 30 Bypass, west bound at 60 MPH.
A garbage container, tilted and tied down in the truck bed, wide open for catching woodchips.  Logs are strapped to the open feed tray of a wood chipper. 
Someone hired this character over a legitimate tree care operation.
Shame on them.

Mr. X Tree Service: truck bumpers three colors,  cuts grass and tops trees in his spare time, and drinks a six-pack of beer before attempting to climb a tree.  Then after he is done for the day, returns his day work helpers to prison.

(We just heard of a guy who is a male nurse...he does tree work on Saturdays...)  Can you believe someone would hire him to do treework?  None of us will offer to take your blood pressure!  We are TREE EXPERTS!

January '06: We just heard of a cut-rate, fly-by-nighter who gave a really cheap price for treework.  Cut lots of branches, took down trees but didn't clean anything up!
He asked to leave his chainsaw in the client's garage.  Perhaps, just leave the door unlocked and I will be back tomorrow to get it. (he said)
He came back, didn't clean up any of the branches!  Took his saw, and then took what ever else he wanted. 

Mrs. S. from West Chester, tells us: 
S.T. Service (name abreviated) was at our house removing a tree.  They had a huge branch tied with a rope to our GAS METER.  I went to look more closely, the smell of gas was all around!  I could smell the hiss of escaping gas!  AND THE MEN WERE ALL SMOKING!  I threw them off the property!  Pretty shady!

How about the guys who set up the crane improperly....and it fell over.
the bucket truck (and man in it) that fell over.

Tree service who are brothers in WC. PA: There was a guy who jumped up on the feed tray of the wood chipper, and using his foot, pushed the brush in!  And he slipped.  His coworkers were able to stop the chipper soon enough that he only lost one leg.

He got a prosthesis and went back to work.
And he jumped up on the feed tray of the wood chipper...and slipped...and...yep, lost the replacement leg.

ChesCo Tree service (not their name) has lost two young men who fell from trees due to lack of proper training.

B...Tree Service was using their bucket truck as a broke and fell over.

We happened to be at a property diagnosing an insect problem when we noticed the neighbor's huge, 32" diameter, 90' tall, storm-damaged tulip poplar, listing at an angle, and heading right toward the house.  We were so taken back by the sight, we immediately informed the homeowner of the extremely dangerous condition of the tree.  She insisted that she did not want or need our help.  Her son, who was an Eagle Scout, would take care of the tree the following weekend. 

Each month, we receive reports on accidents; tree workers, observers or innocent people who are involved in tree accidents.  They are hurt by falling limbs, electrocuted or severely hurt by the improper use of equipment. Also contained in those reports are accounts of fatalies.  Many fatalities.
This is an unforgiving business.  Please DO NOT let your husband or son on a ladder or in a tree.  It just isn't worth losing them. 


Great Videos, much thanks to, "YOUTUBE."

This is a homeowner and his handyman.  "We can save some money!"

This is another handyman and his partner.  Do you think they're carrying insurance for this sort of thing?

More $$  saved in tree removal goes toward building restoration instead.

They try to pick up a trunk, but instead...drop the crane.

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